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Other one view on the problem of spamhaus

Other one intresting message from the internet:

Spamhaus is the most anonym internet cybercrime company, who likes to fool people.

Let me describe how they work: 

1) they say: use our lists to protect you mail boxes. ok, customers start to use.
2) after some time those normal customers got problems when try to send emails to other customers who use same services (sbl lists). So where is the problem?
Spamhaus write: "don't contact us if any problem, please call your internet provider".
becouse they listed him complitely and want him to disconnect some customer. If hoster don't disconnect - they list them all, and they JUST FOR NOTHING MAKE PROBLEM FOR 100% of Hoster/ISP customers who use sbl lists = SPAMHAUS fool the people who use it's lists. People don't like when somebody list them for nothing, but they usually not so clever to understand where is the real reason of the problem.

Some time spamhaus even do as much damage for hosters/ISPs/transit providers to make them disconnect somebody. And they do that only with this reason. Of couse they say "we do not harm anybody, we just add everthing we want to our lists". But in fact it's a damage to customers/to hosters/to datacenters/to transit ISP providers. Becouse usually it's much easy to disconnect illegaly some customers (block IP addresses) then to explain every customer who got in troubles that spamhaus is ANONUMOUS company who fool people and try to avoit responsibility as much as possible hiding themself.

more info from here 

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